How to be prepared? What to bring?

How to be prepared? What to bring?

How to be prepared for Arhatic Yoga retreats?

it will be advisable to follow the below program for 7 days prior to the retreat.

  • Daily salt baths. you can add few drops of lavender and tea tree oils in your bath tub.
  • Daily physical exercise.
  • Daily breathing exercise.
  • Daily cleansing on your front and back solar plexuses.
  • Do Meditation on Twin Hearts more chakral healing and self healing.
  • Daily Transmutation of sex energy.
  • Careful attention on food intake.Minimize meat intake.
  • Minimize negative emotions and negative thoughts.


What to bring ?

  • Comfortable clothing. Bring white clothing for the Wesak.
  • Swimwear (for the purification by Sea Water)
  • Warm sweater , it may be chilly at nights
  • Your Items to be blessed
  • Healing crystals and disintegrators


Some highlights ?

  • Amazing Videos of Master Choa Kok Sui
  • Deep Arhatic Yoga Meditations
  • Purification by different elements
  • Lectures by Acharyas
  • Special Meditations and Mantras
  • Renewed and deeper understanding of MCKS teachings
  • Much more